Fried Eggs

This is just one of my favourites.  It’s only little, 6×6″, but like most fractals it took a long time to paint.  So many tiny little fried eggs!  It’s framed in a black lacquered shadow box frame so that it floats in the frame.  The total size, frame and all, is roughly 12×12″.

Yet again, we see a natural shape.  Well, natural, in that we are natural and we naturally like to fry eggs. Sometimes I find that it isn’t so much the repetition on smaller and smaller scales that makes me think of natural objects or phenomena when I look at fractals, but the shape that is being repeated.

As usual, it’s copyrighted and watermarked.

Fried Eggs Lianne Todd Watercolour on Aquabord 6x6" $175.00

Fried Eggs
Collection the Artist Lianne Todd
Watercolour on Aquabord


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